Home Care Services

Best Home Care specializes in making life easier for you and your loved one. Our caregivers provide a full range of home care services designed to help meet your family’s wide-ranging needs. 

They help with services such as: 

  • Companion care 
  • Meal planning preparation, and feeding
  • Bathing, dressing, and grooming help 
  • Medication reminders
  • Light housekeeping and laundry 
  • Engage with pastimes and activities
  • Incontinence care
  • Monitoring household
  • Shopping 
  • Transportation for appointments 

For families with more specialized needs, 
we have caregivers that can assist with: 

  • Memory care
  • Hospice care 
  • Bed-bound patient assistance
  • Assist with transfers  

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantage does an in-home caregiver have over an assisted living facility? 

The most important thing in life for most of us is remaining independent for as long as possible. An assisted living facility is not the same as a home. Our experienced caregivers allow your loved one to remain independent in the comfort of their own home. Moreover, having an in-home caregiver can cost about the same as most assisted-living facilities, but when you consider the superior one-on-one care our caregivers provide, home care can definitely be the better bargain.   
Our in-home caregivers attend to your loved one’s needs 24-hours a day, allowing plenty of freedom and flexibility. In assisted living facilities, activities are often scheduled for the whole group, and residents end up having to do things according to a schedule instead of when they prefer to do them. 
Best of all, our in-home caregivers provide the kind of companionship that’s rarely if ever found in an assisted-living facility. Plus, there are no “visiting hours” with home care; friends and family can visit anytime. 
What services do you provide? 
Our home caregivers provide all services needed for your loved one to live a safe, healthy, independent lifestyle. Services include meal preparation and serving, light housekeeping, personal care, help getting up at night, shopping, transportation for appointments, medication reminders, and of course companionship.   
Are there any services you don’t provide? 
Our caregivers don’t administer injections or perform major wound care, tube feeding, or IV therapy. These tasks must be performed by a licensed professional, such as a registered nurse. Home caregivers are allowed to help your loved one take medications and make sure they take them as prescribed by the doctor. Should your loved one require nursing or therapy services, our home health department would be glad to assist you. 
How long do you provide home care? 
We’re here to help as long as you need us. Some clients need services for as little as a few hours, while other clients need long term, ongoing assistance. We’ll help you get the specialized care you need, no matter how long you need it. 
How do I know I’m getting a qualified caregiver? 
We are very selective about the caregivers we hire. Our screening process ensures we hire only competent, experienced, and reliable caregivers. We consult with your family before making an assignment to make sure our caregiver is the right fit for your loved one. You are also welcome to interview your caregiver before making a decision.   
Is a bedroom required for the home caregiver? 
Everyone’s living space is different. At a minimum, our home caregiver will need a place to store their personal belongings and a comfortable space to rest, along with use of the bathroom and kitchen. 
What if there’s a medical emergency?
Our caregivers are fully trained to respond appropriately to medical emergencies, including calling 911 immediately and notifying family members.   
Do your home caregivers provide transportation?
Yes, some of our caregivers are able to drive. Reduced mobility, including no longer being able to drive, is one of the most common changes that come with advancing years. If your loved one cannot drive, our bonded, fully insured home caregivers will provide safe, reliable driving service for appointments, shopping, and social engagements, including help getting into and out of the car.   
What if we don’t like our home caregiver? 
We understand that every home caregiver relationship is unique. In cases of incompatibility, you can always change caregivers. If you’re basically happy with the caregiver, but have minor complaints, adjustments are easy to make. Communication is key. Talk to us if there’s any problem, and we’ll resolve the situation right away. 

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